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Jungle items continue to be tweaked in League of Legends PBE

More jungle exclusive item changes were added Tuesday to the League of Legends’ Public Beta Environment.

All of the jungle exclusive items now give players 50 experience points per level difference whenever the player kills any large or epic monster that is a higher level. The change will serve to give junglers more experience in the early levels when taking down the camps.

This is an added effect to the changed passive for starting jungler items Hunter’s Machete and Hunter’s Talisman, which gives players 15 percent more attack speed when attacking neutral monster and 50 burning damage when the player has bonus health from an item or effect, respectively.

Lethality item and magic penetration adjustments

As the damage output when squishy champions fight against one another is lower than the live values, the lethality and magic penetration for items have been slightly buffed.

The lethality for Duskblade of Draktharr, Youmuu’s Ghostblade, and Edge of Night increased to 20, and the lethality for the Serrated Dirk increased to 12.

The magic penetration for Void Staff increased to 40 percent, and the magic penetration for Sorcerer’s Shoes increased to 18.

New Stop Watch items tweaked

As the Stop Watch will be added to the store, it will also be part of a number of recipes for items.

Gargoyle’s Stoneplate, Zhonya’s Hourglass, and Guardian Angel now adds Stop Watch to their recipes and the Stoneplate now has an increased cooldown timer of 92 for its activation.


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