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Rune changes in every path in the League of Legends PBE

At least one rune in each of the five paths was tweaked Tuesday in the League of Legends Public Beta Environment. Here’s a look:

Rune changes in the Precision path

The shield value of Overheal has been changed to reach up to 10 plus 10 percent of the player’s maximum health when healing in excess of the champion’s maximum health.

The damage bonus with Coup de grace when attacking an enemy champion under 40 percent of their maximum health increased to deal 10 percent. The added 15 attack damage or ability power when taking down an enemy champion based on the player’s item build no longer stacks.

Rune changes in the Domination path

The adaptive bonus to the player’s attack damage has been decreased to 0.6 AD per stack, and the total bonus AD from the stacks decreased to six.

The attack damage for the Domination Set Bonuses increased to 11.

Rune changes in the Sorcery path

Summon Aery — one of the keystone runes — now gives a shield that is based on 40 percent of the attack damage of the player.

The adaptive bonus attack damage when the total cooldown reduction goes over the cooldown percentage cap with Transcendence is lowered to 1.2 per every one percent.

The adaptive bonus attack damage when 70 percent of the player’s maximum health or above with Absolute Focus is lowered to 24 AD.

The adaptive bonus attack damage while walking in the river with Water Walking is lowered to 18 AD.

The adaptive bonus attack damage over time with Gathering Storm is lowered from 6 AD at 10 minutes to 5 AD at 10 minutes.

Rune changes in the Resolve path

The set bonuses with the Resolve path now gives a lowered health bonus of 130.

Rune changes in the Inspiration path

The adaptive bonus attack damage and ability power with the Inspiration path with Sorcery and Domination is changed to 27 bonus AP and 16 bonus AD.

The bonus attack speed with the Inspiration path with Precision is lowered to 20 percent of the total attack speed.

The bonus health with the Inspiration path with Resolve decreased to 145 health.


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