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Runes re-added to PBE; some preseason changes pushed to League of Legends Patch 7.23

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Although many preseason changes will be added to League of Legends Patch 7.22, some will be pushed to Patch 7.23, according to a dev post Wednesday from Riot Games’ Andrei “Meddler” van Roon.

“(The 7.23 changes) are a slight increase to minion movement speed after 20 minutes and minion damage to towers (helps with split pushing for champs who don’t themselves do as much tower damage in particular), plus a small increase to overall tower health (leaving towers as tough, or slightly tougher, overall, even accounting for the extra minion damage),” he said.

Riot Games has been steadily gearing up for the preseason update at the end of Season 7, as basic stats for all champions have been tweaked in recent weeks. The new rune system will change the way champions deal damage as it moves away from flat number improvements in terms of champion stats, meaning all of them must be adjusted accordingly.

Minions and monsters will spawn 10 seconds faster

The goal is to reduce the frequency of players standing there and doing nothing, effectively starting the game 10 seconds quicker than it does right now. The 10 seconds will not impact jungle invades too much, because if the game starts too quickly, invades would be near impossible.

Runes re-added to PBE

The new runes are back in the Public Beta Environment for another round of testing for the 7.22 patch cycle. Meddler listed Guardian, Sudden Impact, Press the Attack, Presence of Mind, and Arcane Comet as runes for which the dev team is looking more feedback.


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