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Thoughts on VP vs. FaZe

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu upset FaZe Clan today at EPICENTER. This is shocking because FaZe had won the last two tournaments in dominant fashion whereas VP has been in a terrible slump. The only caveat we could pin to VP was that TaZ was now in-game leader instead of Snax. In my preview, I pointed to Snax as the main player to watch on VP.

In this series, that wasn’t the case. The first map was a FaZe stomp. The second was VP winning Cobble as FaZe is weak on that map, so that was kind of expected. The third map was tough as the defaults and execs of FaZe weren’t getting anywhere on the T side. Byali in particular was a huge thorn for them as he got a few multikills to pull VP ahead on the CT side. On the T side, he was the critical player along with TaZ, who broke open sites. Finally, NEO won a bunch of clutch rounds that swayed the game in VP’s favor.

I don’t think this is sustainable for VP as neither TaZ or NEO has shown this level of consistency since the beginning of the year, but this is a big win for VP and can make you start believing a little bit in them again.


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