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Vasilii removed from Newbee after on-stream incident

Vasilii was removed from Newbee after an on-stream incident
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Li “Vasilii” Wei-Jun, AD Carry for Newbee‘s League of Legends team, was removed from the team Thursday for “unprofessional and immature behavior” after an incident during a stream that apparently resulted in police showing up to his residence.

During the stream, the video of which was shared on Chinese social media platform Weibo and later on Twitter and YouTube, Vasilii could be heard (off camera) screaming at the woman, with her screams following. He returned to the stream minutes later but the police apparently showed up to his residence, prompting him to write in chat to his teammates during a game that he had to go to the police station. The stream then abruptly ended.


Newbee issued a statement (in Chinese and tweeted in English) to say Vasilii’s contract was terminated immediately for “unprofessional and immature behavior.”

Vasilii rage quit in the middle of a game last year and proceeded to smash his keyboard (and apparently part of the League of Legends Secondary Pro League set). He is also the same player who blamed his self indulgence of “sensual pleasures” for poor performance earlier this year.


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