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More Evelynn changes tested in League of Legends PBE

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

The recent Evelynn rework is still not balanced, apparently, as more buffs were added Thursday to League of Legends’ Public Beta Environment.

The passive cooldown (which takes her out of camouflage) when she takes damage was reduced from four seconds to 1.5. That gives Evelynn’s opponents a shorter time frame to pursue her before she goes into camo once again. It’s important to note that when the passive is active, she recovers a lot more health per second when she’s below a certain amount of health and empowers her damaging abilities.

The damage on her E moved from doing a flat amount of base damage to dealing a percentage of Evelynn’s total attack damage stat as magic damage to her target. The effect was also added to the empowered version of the E, which makes her hit a lot harder in the late game when she has a decent stack of items. On top of the skill’s base damage, she deals another 4 percent of the target’s maximum health with an added 3 percent per 100 ability power she builds, and the empowered version deals another 6 percent of the target’s maximum health with an added 4 percent per 100 AP.

Her R has a new added effect, which immediately puts her back into camo and has a 25 percent cooldown refund when she kills an enemy champion or epic monster. Not only will this give her a more hit-and-run play style, she can now also steal objective and leave without breaking her camo with some careful maneuvering.

Other more minor tweaks

The damage on Lee Sin’s second cast of his Q and the damage on his E increased by five points at all ranks.

Leona has an added 20 points to her base armor.

The slow from Urgot’s Q is reduced by 25 percent at all ranks.


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