Welcome to Slingshot. We are here to break news and hold those in power accountable.

Slingshot is a new media company that aims to apply traditional principles of good journalism to esports coverage. We want act as a check on power and expose wrongdoing. We want to tell great stories. Finally, we want to chronicle the history of esports as it happens.

We value our independence. We’ll never have an affiliation with a league, and we aren’t here to acquire broadcast rights. We are here to report the news.

We believe the fundamental mission of journalism is to provide information to readers that they didn’t have before. This is done through reporting, writing features, producing analysis, and providing opinions that help readers contextualize events.

We look to go beyond stats and scores and find the most interesting and important aspects of esports and bring those stories to our readers. We want to write about the culture around esports as much as the games and matches themselves. We want to introduce you to the people playing, coaching, and commentating. We want to take you behind the scenes and explain how the industry works.

But most importantly, we want to help support the esports industry by shedding light on wrongdoing and shady behavior. We don’t care about making friends. We care about publishing the truth.

The future of esports is extremely bright; we aim to play a small role in keeping it that way and helping make that future a reality. That is our mission.

You can help us along the way. Good journalism requires leaks and tips. If you know of something that needs covering, let us know: tips@slingshotesports.com