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Pimp leaves Liquid, Skadoodle returns to C9, Tencent reports $21.9 billion revenue

Our top stories from Wednesday: The ECS is investigating Renegades’ attempted purchase of Bee’s Money Crew as an academy team while playing in a competitive league against them, according to multiple sources. Interviews with Immortals’ Joshua “Dardoch” Hartnett and Dignitas’ Benjamin “LOD” deMunck from the League of Legends Championship Series. Best from around the web:

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Fnatic LoL coach steps down, Dignitas signs CSGO team, reported match fixing attempts in semi-pro CSGO

Our top stories from Monday: Interviews with Envy’s Apollo “Apollo” Price and Lee “Flame” Ho-jong from the North American League of Legends Championship Series. Former player Cpt Jack attempted to explain the recent disconnects during League Champions Korea matches. An interview with Marc Winther, director of DreamHack Masters. The Slingshot Media Column: An interview with

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