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Ex-Tainted Minds player left unsatisfied with Riot Games’ ruling

Riot Games’ handling of alleged mistreatment by Oceanic organization Tainted Minds did little to quell the ire of substitute AD Carry Tristan “xPeCake” Côté-Lalumière. Cake took to Twitlonger once again Monday to further layout his side of the story while dissecting alleged loopholes in Riot’s investigation into mistreatment by the players’ former organization, Tainted Minds.

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Origen relegated, Riot Games fines Tainted Minds

Our top stories from Thursday: An interview with FlyQuest’s Hai “Hai” Du Lam. A look at the career of Aleksi “allu” Jalli leading up to his first premier tournament win. KT Rolster’s head coach said the League Champions Korea playoffs are about revenge. Stephen Chiu explains the CS:GO economy and the problems with the Negev.

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