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Misfits sign KaKao, Immortals signs Olleh, missharvey to compete on “Canada’s Smartest Person”

Our top stories from Tuesday: An interview with Renegades’ Rick “Rickeh” Mulholland ahead of the ELEAGUE Major Qualifier. Jin Air Green Wings’ bot lane has been criticized for being toxic in solo queue. A look at Ad Finem’s unexpected rise through the Dota 2 ranks. The Slingshot Media Column featuring bits about interviewing, the Misfits/

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Peacemaker leaves NRG, Gaming marathon at White House, Riot removes Latin American casters

Our top stories from the weekend: Luis “peacemaker” Tadeu is out as coach and general manager of NRG. An interview with Counter-Strike caster Anders Blume from ELEAGUE. How Finn “Karrigan” Andersen became a perfect fit with Astralis. Highlights from interviews with PraY, Reignover and Faker given in Korean press. Two Korean League of Legends players

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