Vince Nairn
Slingshot Editor-In-Chief. Former newspaper reporter from Cleveland, Ohio, who appreciates clean copy and good Counter-Strike. You can reach him at
Andrew Kim
Slingshot staff writer and Korean League of Legends expert who also owns a Pikachu-themed iPhone case. You can reach him at

Stephen Chiu
Slingshot senior columnist. StarCraft and CS:GO expert who pushes narratives over numbers. You can reach him at

Jarek “DeKay” Lewis
Counter-Strike reporter and insider. Counter-Strike enthusiast since 2004 who calls the Pacific Northwest home. You can reach him at

Paul “ReDeYe” Chaloner
Veteran host, commentator, presenter and voiceover artist predominantly featuring video games and technology.

Tomi “lurppis” Kovanen
Former professional Counter-Strike player whose team was ranked the world’s best in 2007, and who led Evil Geniuses for two years. Since retiring, he has been an active member of the media.

Emily Rand
Freelance feature writer Emily Rand’s love of the 2013 KT Rolster Bullets will never die.

Kelsey Moser
Kelsey Moser is a freelance League of Legends content creator and analyst. She is best known for following the Chinese and European League of Legends scenes.