FACEIT co-founder: “There is no need for exclusivity, just better organization and the best products will emerge naturally.”

It is fair to say that the CS:GO scene is experiencing somewhat of a boom right now. ELeague is bringing Valve’s shooter to TV, the majors have $1 million on the line and the World Esports Association is trying to regulate it all. But another key player in this boom has been FACEIT, the company that provides the technical backbone for many of the top competitions, and of course ECS, the massive competition in collaboration with Twitch.

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Enemy owner Clerkie on turning down $1M offer for LCS spot: “Everybody around me thinks I’m crazy. Looking back, I might even think I was crazy.”

DreamHack Austin was a busy yet probably satisfying weekend for Dan “Clerkie” Clerke. He’s still the owner of Enemy, an organization with Smite, Dota 2 and Super Smash Bros teams (though they’ve also dabbled with League of Legends and Counter-Strike in the past). But Clerkie was watching as his other project, the esports club at Maryville

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