Take 1: Do We Need Virtual Reality Esports

ESL announced earlier today that it will broadcast ESL One New York in virtual reality through a collaboration with “We’re very excited to be able to launch our very first VR live stream from ESL One New York with the help of, This new method of broadcasting is going to give viewers a taste of what it’s like

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Dota 2 Season 6

The Dota 2 roster shuffle is over. In comparison to most other games, Dota 2 roster shuffles have always been massive and inexplicable. This is largely due to the majority of the power being within the players’ hands, which is different from a majority of other games. Contracts, buyouts, etc. don’t matter as much in the

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Time is a flat circle

I’ve only been around esports for about five years, and in that time games have risen and died and risen again. Every time a new esport rises the same arguments always keep popping up. This new game is too casual. It doesn’t have enough strategic depth. It’s too complicated. It’s too hardcore. The spectator UI is

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