Valve band Infamous captain and Elite Wolves

The ongoing story of Elite Wolves team members Freddy “SmAsH” Sina and Ricardo “mstco” Román and their recent ban from play in Valve events has taken another turn, with Archon’s David “Moo” Hull confirming publicly that Jesus “Ztok” Carhuaricra has just recently been informed of his ban. Team Unknown eliminated Newbee at the Frankfurt Major,

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New patch, new game, but imbalance remains in Dota 2

The anticipation for a new Dota 2 patch crested shortly after the Frankfurt Major ended in late November. The current meta was stale, the games predictable featuring the same heroes and play style. Entering a new game to see the first pick Windranger, with Necrophos and Tusk also used constantly makes the game a chore.

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