Avoid strength, target weakness, using soO and Rogue as examples

In Group B of BlizzCon over the weekend, we had a group with soO, Rogue, Neeb, and Nerchio. For now I will focus on three particular matchups: Rogue vs Neeb round 1, soO vs Neeb, and Rogue vs Neeb round 2.

October 30, 2017
ROgue had an incredible run to make BlizzCon

Rogue’s run to Blizzcon

Every year, the final months before BlizzCon transform into a desperate race for qualifying points.

October 26, 2017

TaeJa, soO and Neeb

This is just a thought experiment. For various reasons, I don’t have Neeb as the GOAT foreigner in StarCraft 2. If you want to see the criteria I use, here it is.

October 18, 2017
Leenock retired earlier this month

Alma Mater: a Leenock Retrospective

Lee “Leenock” Dong-Nyoung announced his retirement Sept. 14 following the GSL Super Tournament. It was to be his last StarCraft 2 run before entering military service, one last hurrah before it all came to an end.

September 28, 2017