G2 and North met at DreamHack Malmo in a rematch of two improved teams

The rematch in Malmo: G2 drops North again as both teams show improvement

After the post-Major break, things were supposed to return to normal in Counter-Strike.

September 5, 2017
G2 Esports won Dreamhack Malmo and dominated SK Gaming once again

DeKay’s Final Five: G2 Esports continues to earn rep as ‘SK Killers’ at DreamHack Malmo

It had been more than a month since the last significant Counter-Strike LAN, and many of the world’s top teams took part in DreamHack Malmö over the weekend.

September 5, 2017
Cloud9 will replace OpTic Gaming at Dreamhack Malmo.

Cloud9 replaces OpTic Gaming at DreamHack Malmö

OpTic Gaming has now been disqualified from two tournaments because of its recent Counter-Strike roster moves.

August 23, 2017
12 teams received invites to DreamHack Malmo 2017.

12 teams invited to DreamHack Malmo

Twelve teams have been invited to the $250,000 Counter-Strike tournament at DreamHack Malmo, as revealed through a YouTube video titled “What Defines a Master.”

July 5, 2017