Sheepy and Exileh both talked about UOL's early game comfort picks.

Sheepy and Exileh on UoL’s early game composition against Splyce: “Champions that are early game are sometimes comfort for us.”

Despite predictions to the contrary, Unicorns of Love 2-0’d Splyce in the second to the last week of the European League of Legends Championship Series regular season.

August 10, 2017
The EU LCS struggled during Rift Rivals

Not one EU LCS: Three different challenges faced by three different teams after Rift Rivals

Although it was called NA vs EU Rift Rivals, last week’s tournament wasn’t about Europe or North America as a single entity.

July 13, 2017
Exileh says UOL matches up well with TSM

Exileh on TSM: “I think we can have a big edge on every part of the game.”

Despite being the only team in the tournament to lose both games on the first day of Rift Rivals, Unicorns of Love persevered for a final score of 3-3 to represent Europe in the final

July 8, 2017