FaZe Clan rebounded and Snax shouldn't be IGL

DeKay’s Final Five from ESG/ELEAGUE: FaZe rebounds and Snax is too skilled to be IGL

The weekend was filled with Counter-Strike, as ESG Tours, Group A of the ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier and DreamHack Montreal all took place.

September 11, 2017
Immortals forfeited the first map of the DreamHack Montreal final

Immortals forfeits map in DreamHack Montreal finals for showing up late, Twitter fight with CLG ensues

Immortals’ Counter-Strike team forfeited a map at the DreamHack Montreal final against North after players from the team failed to show up on time.

September 11, 2017
H2K overcame its demons in beating Unicorns of Love on Saturday

Kelsey Moser: The snake and the Charmer in H2K Gaming vs. Unicorns of Love

I’ve seldom seen a more disastrous five minutes for one team in a best-of-five series.

September 9, 2017
Splyce struggled when it mattered most Thursday

Kelsey Moser: The tragedy of Splyce’s execution

After Splyce nearly defeated G2 Esports in the quarterfinals European League of Legends Championship Series summer playoffs, excitement for the team began to mount.

September 8, 2017
The winds of change keep blowing in CS:GO

The winds of change continue to blow in CS:GO

When Valve introduced skins and the Major system, no one could have imagined the impact and reverberations those moves eventually made throughout the Counter-Strike scene.

September 8, 2017
KeSPA entered a MOU with a bank to help League of Legends players with their finances.

KeSPA partners with bank to help League of Legends and FIFA players organize finances

The Korean eSports Association (KeSPA) announced Thursday it has entered into a memorandum of understanding with Woori Bank to assist players in organizing their finances.

September 7, 2017
North needs to win Dreamhack Montreal to prove itself

DreamHack Montreal will be an important test to see if North can win when it’s supposed to win

DreamHack Montreal is not a big event by any stretch of the imagination.

September 7, 2017
ELEAGUE will implement eye tracking and advanced analytics in the ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier

ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier will utilize eye-tracking technology on players and advanced statistical overlays

ELEAGUE will increase its technological output for the upcoming ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier, which begins Friday.

September 7, 2017
seized and s1mple are feeling good about Natus Vincere's new lineup

Seized and s1mple discuss Na’Vi’s new lineup and preparing for ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier

Natus Vincere has one Counter-Strike tournament under its belt since adding Danylo “Zeus” Teslenko in place of Ladislav “GuardiaN” Kovacs.

September 6, 2017
KeSPA partnered with an Legacy Pro Law to advise Korean League of Legends players.

KeSPA partners with American law firm to provide League of Legends and FIFA players advice on contracts, visas

The Korean eSports Association (KeSPA) announced Tuesday it has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with American law firm Legacy Pro Law in order to offer legal counsel to players on KeSPA-partnered teams.

September 5, 2017