Vasilii was removed from Newbee after an on-stream incident

Vasilii removed from Newbee after on-stream incident

Li “Vasilii” Wei-Jun, AD Carry for Newbee’s League of Legends team, was removed from the team Thursday for “unprofessional and immature behavior” after an incident during a stream that apparently resulted in police showing up to his residence.

October 26, 2017
Newbee AD Carry Vasilii says too much sex hurt his League of Legends performance.

Newbee player Vasilii vows abstinence after saying “indulging in sensual pleasures” hurt his League of Legends performance

In one of the most puzzling excuses for poor play you’ll ever see, Newbee’s Li “Vasilii” Weijun spoke out on weibo to explain his current “situation” to fans.

August 11, 2017